Crystal speaks to students and adults of all ages at camps, retreats, conferences, conventions, schools, churches, corporations, and universities. She speaks on a variety of topics ranging from literature to youth ministry, C. S. Lewis to the history of adolescence, and the exploits of the apostle Paul to the redeeming love of Jesus.

To contact Crystal about speaking, email her directly at:


You can watch Crystal speak
here (Bethel University chapel 4/13/2016),
here (Youth Cartel Summit),
here (Salvation Army Equip Conference),
here (11/17/2014 Bethel College Chapel), and
here (11/15/2013 Bethel College chapel, start at 00:20).

Past speaking engagements include:

Princeton Theological Seminary Forum on Youth Ministry
Young Life Regional Training events
Young Life summer camps (WyldLife, Young Life, Young Lives)
Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention (CORE, YS Palooza, Team Training)
Planet Wisdom
Laity Lodge Youth Camps Staff Week
Salvation Army Equip Conference
Bethel College Chapel
Bethel University Chapel
Youth Cartel Summit
Youth Cartel Middle School Campference
Women in Youth Ministry Campference
et al.

You can read an interview with Crystal about some of her thoughts on ministry preparation and training here.

You can watch an Idea Lab (NYWC) with Crystal here.

What others say about Crystal:

“Crystal has provided spiritual direction to our college-aged staff and spoken at our Family Camp … she creates an environment in which people feel loved and challenged in their faith in new and significant ways. Crystal has a unique ability to connect with people on a personal level, which beautifully complements her talent as a speaker and teacher.”
Cary Hendricks
Senior Director, Laity Lodge Family Camp
The H.E. Butt Family Foundation

“Crystal is a tremendous communicator – comfortable, relatable, thoughtful and relevant…”
Shawn Holtgren, PhD
VP for Student Development, Bethel College

“Crystal is amazing. She is smart, insightful, articulate, fun, caring, approachable, relational, loves Jesus and is a darn good communicator. She has the rare ability to communicate effectively with both students & adults.”
Tic Long
Executive Pastor of Journey Church, Past President of Youth Specialties”

Crystal is a smart, intuitive, renaissance woman who possesses the rare ability to connect seemingly disparate topics of language, history, art, and culture and connecting them all into the the present day adolescent landscape of ministry.”
Jack Nikcevich
Regional Directory, Young Life Raceway Region

“Crystal is exactly what I look for in a communicator to my students– genuine, passionate, wise AND fun!”
Heather Flies
Junior High Pastor, Wooddale Church, Minneapolis, MN

“Crystal is a master communicator — warm and engaging, funny and self-effacing, thoughtful and provoking. But she’s also breathtaking off-stage, whether in conversations with audience members or event organizers. I have absolutely the deepest regard for her as a speaker and as a person.”
Mark Oestreicher
Partner, The Youth Cartel

“Crystal is an amazing speaker full of wit, passion, and intellect…  I have been in an audience of a couple of thousand listening to her and felt like she was speaking directly to me. Crystal authentically cares about those she is speaking to and watching her interact with people after her message is inspiring.”
Brock Morgan
Youth worker, speaker, and author of Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World

Crystal Kirgiss communicates with integrity, relevance, depth and humor.  Her effectiveness flows from a deep personal relationship with Jesus, a profound love for the Scripture, thorough preparation, and a refreshing commitment to not taking herself too seriously.  You won’t be nervous when Crystal steps up to speak!”
Marv Penner
National Director – Youth Specialties, Canada


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