Day 0 (Michindoh Post 14)

[This post is fourteenth of a series in which I reflect on spending a month at camp for Wyldlife (middle schoolers) and YoungLives (teen moms). You can follow by subscribing to this blog below. All posts are categorized as ‘Michindoh 2013’.]

Day 0.

Today, this must happen in preparation for tomorrow’s arrival of 100 teen moms and their babies:

unload the storage closet (in which is stacked and piled highchairs, bouncy chairs, baby swings, booster chairs, toys, rocking chairs, changing tables, and so much more);

wash everything that is in said storage closet – maybe twice;

divide and deliver all the cleaned stuff to one of eight different nurseries;

deliver mini-fridges to each camper cabin;

put safety plugs into every outlet in every camper cabin;

make beds for every teen mom;

and more. Much, much more.

Here we go.

Hang on tight.

Hope in the Lord

Pray without ceasing.






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