Dancing with angels

Whether it’s the Trinitarian dance of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Great Snow Dance of fauns and dryads and dwarfs, or the celebratory angel dance at creation,* dancing is a Very Big Deal in the world of faith and love and hope and joy.

I wish I could dance. Not just shake myself around, or slide my feet, or wave my arms, but really truly dance. The kind of dance that makes music. The kind of dance that moves mountains. The kind of dance that reflects God’s creative soul.

But I can’t. Maybe I’m too dull. Maybe I’m too afraid. Maybe I’m too self-aware.

Hannah and Kelsey, on the other hand, can dance. And by dance I mean Really Truly Dance. Without fear. Without worry. Without anything holding them back from joy and love and life and freedom.

Please meet Hannah and Kelsey. Tonight I watched them dance. On the beach. (We’re at camp, you see, and so of course after a long day of games and rides and meals and music and play and energy, well, we had a sunset party at the beach because, um, we’re at camp.)

I wish everyone could have watched them really truly dance on the beach because it pretty much reassured me that there is still hope for the world. Serious, awesome, deep, rich, genuine, lasting, true hope. Just because Hannah and Kelsey can – and want – to dance.

It’s quite enough to make today a very good day.


* I don’t mean to imply equal value between Trinitarian theology, Narnian holidays, and Job’s poetic metaphors. At least not entirely.

4 thoughts on “Dancing with angels

  1. sue July 17, 2013 / 10:55 am

    Just had a blast of joy imagining you all dancing on the beach. God is so very good.

  2. ckirgiss July 17, 2013 / 3:26 pm

    Imagined joy is often just as sweet as visible joy. And it was so very sweet. 🙂

  3. sherrie snith July 20, 2013 / 10:52 pm

    I am kelsey’s mom. I just called Hannah’s Mom and Dad to share your beautiful story of our girls dancing on the beach. We were so touched by your words that it brought us to tears. We are aware that our girls are truly a blessing in countless ways…yet in the day to day life of caring for adults with special needs, that blessing can get lost in the shuffle of daily life. Thank you for speaking of the pure joy you see in our 2 girls. We know they can be work, we know that we love them beyond measure and we appreciate people seeing what we are sometimes too busy to stop and enjoy! Sherrie (Kelsey’s proud Mom!)

  4. ckirgiss July 21, 2013 / 1:31 pm

    Dear Sherrie (‘Kelsey’s Proud Mom’ for good reason):
    Thank you for this very kind note. If a mere blog post about your daughter could touch you, just imagine how much your daughter herself (and Hannah and Kirsta and every other camper from White Bear Lake/Mahtomedi) touched me, my husband, our friends, and (I suspect) everyone else at camp last week. It was a beautiful and sweet gift to be at Castaway with them. We will not soon forget their smiles, enthusiasm, energy, transparency, honesty, kindness, and sweet spirits. Here is what a friend wrote me about this blog post: “This so touches my heart. I have a son with special needs and many times I am blown away at the joy he takes in and gives over things that I would be easily self-conscious over. I so love to Dance and dont out of fear. Kyle reminds me everyday that God’s got it..and I should just dance.” Amen.


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