“A girl of thirteen should have life”


It’s been a difficult week for a small Indiana town where bodies were recovered of two young teenage girls who were simply thought to be missing.

Besides having happened in my corner of the world, my only connection to the events are that 1) my own children were once young teenagers; 2) I deeply love middle schoolers; and 3) I believe life is sacred – at every age.

But it does always hit a bit harder when someone dies too young. And middle school is absolutely too young, by far.

I did not know Liberty or Abigail. But I know countless other middle school girls, and I wish for all of them to live, to be known, to breathe joy, to know truth, to be seen, to be loved, to be listened to, to be valued, to be honored, to be cheered on, to be.

That doesn’t seem like too much to hope for, even in this often dark and dreary world.

In the most obvious sense, this is not my personal tragedy. And yet in the most truthful sense, this tragedy is all of ours. Each and every one of us. Because two of our own – two young human beings who lived and breathed and were – no longer are.

This should shatter us. 

It should shake our bones, open our eyes, and wake our sleeping souls.

“A girl of thirteen should have life.” Indeed she should. Indeed they all should – every person, every age, everywhere. We should have life – deeper, sweeter, and more meaningful Life than we could ever hope or imagine.

Oh dear God – bring light to the dark. Bring hope to the weary. Bring joy to the suffering. Bring your life to us all.

For we are lost – utterly and hopelessly lost – without You.


One thought on ““A girl of thirteen should have life”

  1. mamahaskins February 18, 2017 / 12:58 am

    “Sin & darkness in our neighborhoods is not the problem; it is a result of the absence of light.” @PrayCareShare #Jesus followers must B light (quote by Phil Miglioratti, Prayer Ministry Consultant at Illinois Baptist State Assn and Nat’l Facilitator at Mission American Coalition). I received Phil’s permission to copy his quote. My deepest condolences & heartfelt prayers for the Williams and German families in their severe grief. Crystal, thank you for taking the time to contemplate and share your heart about this tragedy. When I was a teenager in 1965, there was a beautiful song by Jackie DeShannon “What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love”. We needed it back then, how much more do we need to show a dimly lit & desparately hurting world that love, now.

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